Sa Roca Thejer

Day 13, Goodmonth 4th, 2167


Hassan returns in the dead of night from his scouting. He finds everyone asleep except the band of werewolves and Rowan.

He tells Thora that he met a rider from Kieferwat who warned him that the town will soon be overrun and that there was probably someone following him. Hassan urges haste and plans on waking everyone up, again.

Day 12 - Goodmonth the 3rd, 2167
Hassan's rude awakening - Band of Werewolves

00:00 am.

Hassan wakes up everybody by talking half-nonsense about camps of enemies around Kieferwat and something about a giant who ate a bear. Reluctantly, everybody follows suit.

Thus begins the new adventure of Aela, Buddy, Dega, Hassan, Juniper, Rowan, the pony (Podrick) and the horse (Banu).

2:00 am.

The party reaches a “ravine”, after descending into it Hassan and Juniper notice a pair of tracks. Hassan tells everyone that the tracks are wolf-like, and given the angle and depth of the impressions he determines that the tracks are made by a bi-pedal creature. Juniper recognizes the faint scent left behind, it is that of the werewolf encountered previously. The party finds out because Rowan used her fancy druid magic to talk to Juniper.

The tracks have been deliberately covered up and are not trackable. The scent is too weak to track. The party continues their journey north, through the woods.


The party reaches a clearing in the forest. The tree-line on the opposite side is roughly 1km away. They notice a band of five mounted humanoids in the middle of the clearing, heading west. The band takes no notice of the adventurers.

As the horsemen continue on their way west, 4 huge blobs appear in the distant sky. The riders do not notice them, and as they get closer to them Juniper and Rowan shout out to the riders in an attempt to warn them. The riders take notice of the adventurers rather than the things in the sky and they change direction towards the party, bearing a white banner. The second attempt to warn them succeeds and the riders brace themselves to fight the huge birds in the sky.

In the midst of battle one rider and his horse become enormous. That only attracts attention and the rider gets knocked to the ground by a swooping bird. He remains strapped to his horse who is now galloping towards the adventures, dragging its master behind him.

The rider was lucky to have been dragged away because all of his other companions are mercilessly slaughtered in a very short while.

The birds grab the bodies of the dead horses and start flying towards the treeline. The adventurers are hiding the forest as the birds try to drop the bodies on them and then continue their way, unhindered, south.

Kevinium takes note of the fact that the birds are very boney, almost lacking all flesh. He concludes that they are taking flight by magical means.

The rider is dragged all the way to the party. Rowan calms the horse down and unstraps the rider from the horse and tends to his wounds. She heals him, he wakes up, eventually.

Rowan, Dega and Kevinium investigate the site of the battle to find that all other 4 riders are dead.

We find out that the rider who survived is a Half-orc Knight named Ser Rolan. He was stationed in Nablenur, and on the day of Reaping 28th he and his companions were tasked with dealing with a band of robbers around Pineguard, as requested by the mayor of Pineguard, Argrave. However, upon reaching the village the band was immediately ambushed and driven deep into the woods where they wandered, trying to find their way out.

After the party buries the dead with a clever soften earth spell they choose to continue their journey towards Pineguard.

Kevinium recalls the story of the rebellion against the clergy.

12:00am, noon.

The party is stopped on their path by Juniper’s acute sense of smell. Shortly after they halt they hear talking coming roughly 200 feet northeast of them. Dega and Hassan sneak up towards the sound and they see a two headed giant. The heads are talking to each other in Giant, but both party members understand what the creature is talking about. They can distinguish parts of the conversation:
- Erryk want fight.
- Arryk hungry, we need to eat. We starving. We come unprepared.

Dega and Hassan sneak back and report to the rest of the party. They decide to simply avoid the two headed Ettin and move on with their journey.

12:00am, noon. Continued.

As the party tries to go around the Ettin it notices them. Rowan tries to sneak up on the Ettin, but it surprised when the creature bursts out from the treeline in front of her. She immediately casts create water into the lungs of the creature making it start choking. Desperately clinging for air, the Ettin lashes out and tries to fight the party. They kill it.

The Ettin was carrying a scroll of Dispel Magic.

The Trip.

The party suddenly falls asleep. They seem to have a shared outer body experience during which they see:

  1. Buddy preaching to a large crowd about the benevolence of Șyrr (read Shyyr).
  2. The world changing before their eyes, as if they were up high, they see Fallen Oaks slowly moving into the forest. They see Lester talking to people, calling the village Eichenda. They see Lester talking to Hassan telling him to go to Kieferwat.
  3. a smoking hill in the middle of some grasslands
  4. from up high they see hundreds, if not thousands of wolves running towards a herd of deer.
    On closer look you can see that men are riding the wolves. The riders shoot down the deer with their bows, the wolves pick them up while running and fling them up to the riders who strap the carcasses of deer to their wolves.
  5. Kevinium taking out the map you found at WTT, but now it looks different.
  6. a large gathering of people, throat singing at dawn.
  7. two armies, on opposite sides of a river
  8. Men gazing, out from their ships, towards a burning town on the shore.

They wake up and the world has changed. The landscape and names seems to have transformed, but what happened to them is the same. They somehow know that Fallen Oaks is now called Eichenda. Pineguard is now Kierferwat, Dantredun is now Nablenur, Eru-Jovar is now Kyaigyve.

The map they found on WTT has also changed (You should open it in a separate tab):

When they wake up the body of the dead ettin is still there. As they walk away they hear some rustling in the woods nearby, it seemed to get fainter with time.

9:00 pm

Around this time Aela starts feeling sick and she falls to the ground. The party convince her that it would be best to preemptively tie her up because her lycanthrophy might be acting up due to the fool moon. They use the towels they took from the Druid’s house to tie her up and strap her to Ser Rolan’s horse.

10:00 pm

Aela starts screaming in pain, she starts flailing scaring Ser Rolan’s horse. Rowan calms the horse down, the party proceeds to unstrapping Aela from the horse and tying her to a tree.

Off in the east, they hear similar screams coming from the forest. Hassan and Dega try to scout out that area, as they walk into the forest they get trapped in a huge net. As they try to cut themselves out, a man and a woman walk up to them and explain that they can help them with their friend’s affliction. They are, however, concerned with the rash behavior that the party exhibited when encountering the Ettin. Hassan manages to alleviate their concerns and they decide to release the entraped. The two strangers explain that they had captured Henry while he was traveling alone on Goodmonth the 2nd, around 9pm. They tried reasoning with him, to explain to him his condition but he wouldn’t listen so they had to restrain him.

Dega, Hassan, and the two strangers go to the rest of the party knowing that Henry is looked after by the brothers of the two strangers. Aela is shaking violently and trying to escape her bonds, she fails.

The woman, immediately rushes to Aela, ignoring everyone else, puts a pendant around her neck and mutters something in an unknown language, they can make out that she keeps saying “roca” (wolf, in these parts of the land). Aela seems to have calmed down a bit.

The woman, Thora, explains to the party that she and her brothers help werewolves control their condition. She explains that the pendent she gave Aela has permanent “Calm Emotions” cast on it to help lycanthropes manage their angry outbursts. Kevinium, and Rowan know enough about magic to realize that what she is telling them is plausible.

She then proceeds to telling the party that the werewolf who infected Aela and Henry, Logen, is her adoptive brother. That he had been captured by a witch, held in a dungeon for a month, had his pendant removed, and, being the less trained of the bunch, he could not control his animal instincts as well without it. Logen was found by his siblings wounded in the woods, they helped him get back on his feet. He told them how sorry he is for potentially infecting people with lycanthropy. That’s when they decided that they had to do something, so they tracked down the party, took advantage of the facts that they split up.

Thora and Ivar’s brothers, Ubbe and Logen, bring Henry to the rest of the party and restrain him next to Aela. By now, the two afflictees are visibly wolflike with a prominent muzzle, and hair all over their bodies.

Thora offers her help in training the two in managing their new condition. She also tells the party that the high clerics in Nablenur should be able to cure their affliction. She asks Buddy Skags if he has any leeway with them, because she doubts that they would be eager to help. Her doubt leads into an argument with Buddy about the benevolence of the clerics. Buddy is arguing that they are willing to help anyone, unconditionally, Thora remains skeptical, she mentions the past, and Thalloid Fer, at which point Buddy gets all defensive and points out that the other side wasn’t all that good either, that they slaughtered thousands of his innocent brethren. They seem to argue for a while but no one was listening so there is no record of the conversation in the log. (maybe we should listen when people talk.)

The children of Ragnarr proceed to undressing. Dega, stares at Thora, Ivar japes about it. Thora snaps at her brother and tells him to “choke on cock”. All of them turn into humanoid/wolf hybrids except Ubbe who turns fully into a wolf. They surround Aela and Henry and advise the party to wait for them to fully turn.

Rowan transforms into a wolf and starts playing with Juniper and Ubbe.

Hassan decides to go and scout the road ahead while everyone is waiting. Dega and Ser Rolan go scouting into the woods, they return shortly thereafter. Hassan is still away.

11:00 pm

Aela and Henry transform fully, Thora knocks them out with a really, really harsh blow to the head.

The party decides to rest. The werewolves are watching over Aela and Henry.

Day 11 - Goodmonth 2nd
In wake of W.T.T.'s ploy

The encounter with the witch left the adventurers tired. Lester has devised plans to warn the surrounding villagers and gather as much help as possible for the imminent danger that seems lurk around this area.

With Brynden and Henry gone, the adventurers are in need of new companions to help them on their future quest.

The map found on Wind of the Trees (version before “The Trip”)

Aela manages to figure out that the travel from Fallen Oaks to the Ebony Tower would be roughly a 30 day march at normal pace, accounting for rest, and foraging for food.

Lester urges the party to wait for his old time friend Hassan-i Sabbah, who was sent out as an outrider to Pineguard. Lester states that he should be back by 2pm later today.

Willowhair asks Buddy, through their magic ring, to come and visit her one last time before their departure. The party (except Kevinium, who is puking in the tavern) sets out to Willowhair’s house.

Willowhair introduces them to her friend Dega Lanrayu, a rather quiet and stern fellow. The dryad touches Rowan and suddenly the druid is feeling more in sync with her wolf Juniper. After everyone decides to head back to the village, Rowan decides to jump on Juniper and ride him back to the village.

Rowan arrives at the tavern before the rest of the party only to find Albert drilling 5 peasants in the art of war. The peasants seem to be new to fighting and Albert is trying his very best to train them. Rowan decides to help them train. Roughly 15 minutes later the rest of the party arrives.

Buddy remembers (as if a voice from the heavens decided to bestow this divine information upon him) that Lester has prepared a pony to carry all their food and water for the upcoming journey. But Lester did not foresee other people joining their party so he did not account for Dega’s rations. Rowan goes to the village store and buys extra food.

By now it is 2:00pm yet Hassan has not returned yet.

Dega meets Kevinium and he is very disappointed with his unprofessional, drunken demeanor.

Aela and Albert start sparing to show the peasant levy how to fight in close combat. Both of them make silly mistakes and each of them gets hit by the other.

9:00pm, Albert and the peasants are calling it a day. Off in the distance Rowan and Aela notice a rider galloping towards the town. When the rider arrives near the tavern square Rowan notices how his horse is close to dying, she all drags him off his mount and tends to the horse.

The rider has light blue skin, is roughly 74 years old and seems to be talking gibberish. Lester confirms that it is indeed Hassan. The eccentric old man immediately goes to his quarters to rest.

Everybody is skeptical about Hassan’s ability to help them out, but Lester vouches for him once more.

Rowan manages to heal Hassan’s horse by casting two “Lesser Restoration” spells on it.

The party goes to sleep.

Day 10
Encounter with W.T.T

We fought the witch. She escaped.

We found notes. Her name is Wind Though the Trees. We also find out about the Ebony Tower. Several characters we haven’t met yet are mentioned:
- Lord of Bones, the guy who gave the orders to tumbleweed everything.
- Lord Reynard – some guy mentioned.
- Master of Ceremonies
- Ashen Flame
- a gatekeeper called Nestor (not as important as the rest.)
Most figures mentioned here are spell-casters.

Things that happened:
Henry stabs himself in the groin. Rowan manages to use her heal skills to pull it out without any serious damange.
Brynden breaks his bow, again.
Brynden pukes on Juniper. Sorry Juniper :’(

When we try to leave the lair we hear a ghastly horse scream and we hear a voice saying “You failed” followed by a sword stabbing something, and then a thud (the witch is dead). After that the voice gives out the order “As for those adventurers, fan out and look for them.”

Bryden drank a potion of invisibility. And went outside. He saw black horses with horns (black unicorns, evil to the bone) and red eyes. Another horse has scales and seems to be on fire. The riders are defleshed, made of bone with red eyes, obviously intelligent. The one that stands out: gaunt, tight flesh stretched over his body, wears nice clothing, has a flaming longsword and a lance.

The leader seems to be Lord Reynard himself. The riders seem to be special kind of skeletons: bone creatures. They retain their intelligence.

As they ride off the leader seems to turn off.

Buddy, upon hearing about the shady characters promises to inform the higher up in the church of Pelor. Buddy remembers a previous encounter with Lord Rayner, many of the order of Pelor were slain; they failed. One survivor was found all that he could say was “Three Heads”.

Buddy heard about the Ebony Tower, he thinks that the Lord of Bones resides there. Buddy says: “He is a very, very powerful magician, and he wouldn’t hesitate to turn you into his mindless servants” .

Grok killed the wolves that murdered Proudfoot. He refused to give Brynden the skin of the leader warg.

We get back to the village. Fill in Lester. He plans on dispatching riders to the neighboring communities, and try and find powerful wizards and priests that could help.

Day 1
Tumbleweed hats

Need to add things.


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