Sa Roca Thejer

Day 11 - Goodmonth 2nd

In wake of W.T.T.'s ploy

The encounter with the witch left the adventurers tired. Lester has devised plans to warn the surrounding villagers and gather as much help as possible for the imminent danger that seems lurk around this area.

With Brynden and Henry gone, the adventurers are in need of new companions to help them on their future quest.

The map found on Wind of the Trees (version before “The Trip”)

Aela manages to figure out that the travel from Fallen Oaks to the Ebony Tower would be roughly a 30 day march at normal pace, accounting for rest, and foraging for food.

Lester urges the party to wait for his old time friend Hassan-i Sabbah, who was sent out as an outrider to Pineguard. Lester states that he should be back by 2pm later today.

Willowhair asks Buddy, through their magic ring, to come and visit her one last time before their departure. The party (except Kevinium, who is puking in the tavern) sets out to Willowhair’s house.

Willowhair introduces them to her friend Dega Lanrayu, a rather quiet and stern fellow. The dryad touches Rowan and suddenly the druid is feeling more in sync with her wolf Juniper. After everyone decides to head back to the village, Rowan decides to jump on Juniper and ride him back to the village.

Rowan arrives at the tavern before the rest of the party only to find Albert drilling 5 peasants in the art of war. The peasants seem to be new to fighting and Albert is trying his very best to train them. Rowan decides to help them train. Roughly 15 minutes later the rest of the party arrives.

Buddy remembers (as if a voice from the heavens decided to bestow this divine information upon him) that Lester has prepared a pony to carry all their food and water for the upcoming journey. But Lester did not foresee other people joining their party so he did not account for Dega’s rations. Rowan goes to the village store and buys extra food.

By now it is 2:00pm yet Hassan has not returned yet.

Dega meets Kevinium and he is very disappointed with his unprofessional, drunken demeanor.

Aela and Albert start sparing to show the peasant levy how to fight in close combat. Both of them make silly mistakes and each of them gets hit by the other.

9:00pm, Albert and the peasants are calling it a day. Off in the distance Rowan and Aela notice a rider galloping towards the town. When the rider arrives near the tavern square Rowan notices how his horse is close to dying, she all drags him off his mount and tends to the horse.

The rider has light blue skin, is roughly 74 years old and seems to be talking gibberish. Lester confirms that it is indeed Hassan. The eccentric old man immediately goes to his quarters to rest.

Everybody is skeptical about Hassan’s ability to help them out, but Lester vouches for him once more.

Rowan manages to heal Hassan’s horse by casting two “Lesser Restoration” spells on it.

The party goes to sleep.



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