Sa Roca Thejer

Day 10

Encounter with W.T.T

We fought the witch. She escaped.

We found notes. Her name is Wind Though the Trees. We also find out about the Ebony Tower. Several characters we haven’t met yet are mentioned:
- Lord of Bones, the guy who gave the orders to tumbleweed everything.
- Lord Reynard – some guy mentioned.
- Master of Ceremonies
- Ashen Flame
- a gatekeeper called Nestor (not as important as the rest.)
Most figures mentioned here are spell-casters.

Things that happened:
Henry stabs himself in the groin. Rowan manages to use her heal skills to pull it out without any serious damange.
Brynden breaks his bow, again.
Brynden pukes on Juniper. Sorry Juniper :’(

When we try to leave the lair we hear a ghastly horse scream and we hear a voice saying “You failed” followed by a sword stabbing something, and then a thud (the witch is dead). After that the voice gives out the order “As for those adventurers, fan out and look for them.”

Bryden drank a potion of invisibility. And went outside. He saw black horses with horns (black unicorns, evil to the bone) and red eyes. Another horse has scales and seems to be on fire. The riders are defleshed, made of bone with red eyes, obviously intelligent. The one that stands out: gaunt, tight flesh stretched over his body, wears nice clothing, has a flaming longsword and a lance.

The leader seems to be Lord Reynard himself. The riders seem to be special kind of skeletons: bone creatures. They retain their intelligence.

As they ride off the leader seems to turn off.

Buddy, upon hearing about the shady characters promises to inform the higher up in the church of Pelor. Buddy remembers a previous encounter with Lord Rayner, many of the order of Pelor were slain; they failed. One survivor was found all that he could say was “Three Heads”.

Buddy heard about the Ebony Tower, he thinks that the Lord of Bones resides there. Buddy says: “He is a very, very powerful magician, and he wouldn’t hesitate to turn you into his mindless servants” .

Grok killed the wolves that murdered Proudfoot. He refused to give Brynden the skin of the leader warg.

We get back to the village. Fill in Lester. He plans on dispatching riders to the neighboring communities, and try and find powerful wizards and priests that could help.



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